Occupational Therapy & Assistive Technology  Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy uses Neurokinesthetic, Sensory and Motor approaches combining strengthening, sensori-motor, resistant and dexterity activities to strengthen fine motor skills.


Visual –motor activities are employed to address a child’s ability to perform optimally in the classroom environment.


Sensory activities provide children with sensory integration processing difficulties with the opportunity to actively participate in their academic environment with proper attention and body modulation. 

An Assistive Technology evaluation is performed for someone who has been diagnosed with a learning, cognitive, physical, or sensory disability or disorder. 


Based on information from the individual’s diagnosis from a qualified diagnostic professional, an individual is given relevant tests and tasks to determine his/her specific needs to access their environment.  Data is collected from reading/writing samples, assessment of environmental needs, and computer access methods.


After analyzing this data, the individual will be presented with software and hardware options and Assistive Technology adaptations to determine which tools would be the best recommendations for his/her specific needs.

Assistive Technology Services