Krystal Wood-Kofonow, Ph.D.
Educational Diagnostician

Prior to becoming an educational diagnostician, Dr. Wood-Kofonow worked as a first and second grade teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools for 17 years. She spent the majority of her teaching career teaming with the primary special education teacher, speech pathologist, and occupational therapist to build a robust primary, multiage inclusion program at her school. Dr. Wood-Kofonow’s work with the special education teachers and students, as well as her time spent co-chairing her school’s Student Assistance Team, naturally peaked her interest in educational diagnostics. She obtained her graduate certification in educational diagnosis from the University of New Mexico in the summer of 2019. During this time, Dr. Wood-Kofonow had the honor to work as Melissa Behrens-Blake’s educational diagnostic intern at the University of New Mexico.


Dr. Wood-Kofonow is a licensed educational diagnostician and also a licensed Level III-A Instructional Leader/K-8 educator. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and psychology, a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and a doctorate degree in transformative studies, with a focus on education reform. She completed her doctorate work at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Dr. Wood-Kofonow’s doctoral and postdoctoral research focused largely on the power of student agency in learning as well as investigating the effects of educational wounding on K-12 students. She believes strongly in student-centered teaching and assessment practices as well as client-centered evaluation.